Our glass furniture and accessories have passed the following SGS tests:

1. BS EN 12521: 2009 Furniture. Strength, durability and safety. Requirements for domestic tables.

2. BN ES 12520:2010 Furniture- Strength, durability, and safety- Requirements for domestic seating.

3. BS EN 1728:2000 Clause 6.2.1. Seat and back static load test.

4. BS EN 1122:2001,Method B for cadmium content. Analysis was performed by ICP- AES. No lead content.

5. Compression test: testing machine/ INSTRON 5581, speed: 5mm/min, result: 2206(kg) max Compression Force.

6. US EPA Method 3050B for Lead content test.
7. BS EN 1122: 2001, Method B for Cadmium content test.
RoHs 2002/95/EC Accelerated weathering test of ASTM G154-06
UV exposure 720 hours
10. Salt spray test 720 hours
11. CASS test (ASTM B368) 480 hours, indicating better corrosion resistance.


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